Unraveling the Legal Maze: Business Owners and Estate Litigation


Estate litigation is an intricate arena that often becomes a focal point when high-net-worth individuals, particularly business owners, pass away without an estate plan. The ensuing legal quagmire provides a stark reminder of the potential repercussions when succession planning is overlooked. The relatively recent protracted legal disputes stemming from the deaths of Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos; the iconic musician Prince; and Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of music legend Elvis Presley, underscore these complexities.

Tony Hsieh, Prince, and Lisa Marie Presley: A Closer Look at Complex Estate Disputes

Tony Hsieh died unexpectedly in 2020 without a will, leaving behind an estate worth an estimated $840 million. His death triggered numerous lengthy legal disputes, including one filed by a longtime friend, Jennifer Lim, over the ownership of the "Delivering Happiness" brand. Another involved a claim by Mark Evensvold, former director of operations at a restaurant chain Hsieh invested in, for a $12.5 million agreement reportedly made on a Post-it note.

Similarly, the late singer Prince's estate, valued at $156 million, underwent six years of litigation due to the absence of a will. Reportedly, several of Prince's heirs sold their stakes in the Estate to an independent music publisher, Primary Wave, which now holds the largest stake in the Estate. The Estate will be divided among Primary Wave and the remaining heirs.

The late Lisa Marie Presley's will was also the center of family disputes. The terms of the settlement reached were not disclosed but brought an end to uncertainty over control of Lisa Marie Presley's will, the Graceland Mansion, and many of Elvis Presley's personal possessions.

Unveiling the Legal Quagmire: Challenges When Business Owners Pass Away Without an Estate Plan

These cases underline the potential for contentious, lengthy, and costly litigation when a business owner dies without a will, particularly when substantial assets and complex agreements are involved. They also illustrate the critical role that professional management can play in protecting and growing a deceased person's legacy.

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