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Protecting the Rights of the Faculty & Staff of Higher Education Institutes

Are you a faculty or staff member at an institution of higher education (a college or university) who has been accused of violating Title IX? Have you been terminated or faced other consequences as a result of these accusations? Our attorneys are here to help you fight to protect your rights and defend yourself against these kinds of allegations.

At The Glennon Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys are equipped to help people who are facing unjust consequences because of Title IX-related accusations. We handle college faculty and employee employment law, and we understand how these laws differ from regular employment law because of the nuances of tenure, the effects of Title IX legislation, and the complexity of administrative proceedings. Retaining the right firm can make or break your case, which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience.

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What Is Title IX?

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 was created to help colleges and universities prevent and address sex-based discrimination. Colleges and universities that receive funding from the government must adhere to this federal law that aims to combat gender-based harassment and discrimination, such as pregnancy-based discrimination, sexual violence or harassment, etc.

Title IX applies to nearly all faculty and staff members at colleges or universities, and a claim can be made against any of the following individuals:

  • Graduate assistants/students
  • Resident assistants
  • Administrative officials or staff
  • Athletic coaches or staff
  • Professors (full-time, part-time, adjunct, tenure-track, or tenured)
  • Deans

Common Types of Title IX Allegations Made

Title IX claims can arise based on a variety of allegations.

The most common types of allegations faculty and staff members face include:

  • Sex or gender-based discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Sexual assault

What Are the Consequences of a Title IX Accusation?

If you have been accused of violating someone’s Title IX rights, you should immediately reach out to our attorneys for legal counsel. Alleged Title IX offenses can cause permanent damage and can have lasting effects on your life and career.

In addition to having a damaged professional reputation, alleged offenders can face the following consequences after an allegation is made:

  • Verbal or written warning
  • Change in residence halls
  • Mandatory counseling
  • Required formal apology letter
  • Disciplinary measures related to violations of the college or university’s faculty or staff policy manual
  • Disciplinary probation
  • Financial restitution
  • Temporary suspension
  • Termination or expulsion from a degree program
  • Loss of tenure or tenure track position
  • Permanent change in your job position

Title IX Defense for Faculty & Staff

At The Glennon Law firm, P.C., our attorneys can help you prepare a strong defense against Title IX-related offenses. We understand how serious these allegations are and how these accusations can hurt your reputation and your career. Once you retain our legal team, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and freedoms and offer you the legal counsel you deserve.

For high-quality, comprehensive legal counsel, contact our team online or at (585) 294-0303 to schedule your case evaluation.

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